Infuse Your Home's Design With Creativity!

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Infuse Your Home's Design With Creativity!

I've often found myself watching home shows on television and liking the interior design, only to later come to the realization that I don't have a budget in the hundreds of thousands. However, there are all kinds of cool decorating and interior design techniques that don't take much money. Rather, they take creativity. My wife and I have all kinds of fun decorations that didn't cost much, but that get a lot of attention from guests and that also compliment the space where they are. This blog is here to help you discover how to put your creativity to work in your home.

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Make Your Own Western-Themed Decor

If you are looking to decorate your home in a western style and you like the idea of adding some items you made yourself, then this article will be very helpful. You can learn about a few great western-themed additions you can make for your house that will be easy and fun. How to make a western-style hat rack You can make a hat rack that hangs near your entry way that has a western look to it and that's very simple to put together. Read More 

Best Stones For Your Kitchen Countertops

It's time to consider countertops. Whether you're remodeling or setting up a brand new kitchen, the subject of countertop materials has come up. While laminate countertops are still very popular, perhaps you're considering stone instead. Marble, granite and quartz are the big players for stone countertops. Discover which stone countertop material best fits your kitchen ideals. Marble Marble is the showstopper of your kitchen if you use it for your countertop. Read More 

Three Surprising Ways That Quality Drapes Can Improve Your Life

If you think of your curtains as ho-hum household additions, think again. Your curtains can do more for you than you can even imagine. Here are three surprising reasons why you should take a second look at your curtains and whether or not they need replacing. Drapes Keep You Both Cooler and Warmer Summertime temperatures can wreak havoc on your electric bill. For many families, the central air conditioning unit is the most costly home appliance, costing the average household about $60 a month to operate! Read More 

4 Tips To Protect Your Hardwood Floors From Your Pets

Many people love hardwood flooring because it's beautiful, durable and designed to last for a long time. However, if you have pets, you might know that they can cause serious damage to your hardwood flooring. If you want to keep your floors looking great without banning your four-legged friends from stepping foot indoors, you should follow these important care tips. 1. Keep Your Pets' Nails Under Control First and foremost, you should know that trimming your pets' nails can help prevent scratches. Read More 

Two Ways To Spruce Up Your Home With Animal Prints And Materials

Depending on your age, you may associate animal prints with bygone eras, thinking that they are no longer in fashion.  However, if you believe this, you may be mistaken.  Animal prints are making a smashing comeback, and this isn't just in reference to clothing.  You can use the animal print trend to totally transform the look and feel of your home as well. Use the following tips to help you learn more about how you can incorporate rustic animal prints and materials in your abode to take your interior decor to the next level: Read More