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Infuse Your Home's Design With Creativity!

I've often found myself watching home shows on television and liking the interior design, only to later come to the realization that I don't have a budget in the hundreds of thousands. However, there are all kinds of cool decorating and interior design techniques that don't take much money. Rather, they take creativity. My wife and I have all kinds of fun decorations that didn't cost much, but that get a lot of attention from guests and that also compliment the space where they are. This blog is here to help you discover how to put your creativity to work in your home.

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Interior Decor Options to Add Color and Comfort to Your Home's Interior

Furniture, fixtures, and other additions you add to the inside of your home can add comfort to a space, make a room more pleasant, and add visual interest to the eye. What you select as decor inside your home not only changes the feel and the energy of the rooms but also makes the space more comfortable. Here are some options you can use to add color and comfort to your home's interior.

Install Window Draperies

Did you know draperies were a popular way to insulate a room's walls and cut down on room echoes and other noise vibrations? Window draperies have been used for centuries in homes to insulate the windows and prevent drafts from entering the room. The fabric of curtains can provide insulation to your home's interior during summer and winter using the same properties that were used in the past.

Window draperies made of a double layer of fabric provide the insulation you want for your window to prevent the transfer of heat through your window. In summer, a white-lined drapery will reflect the sun's radiation back outside the window. And in the winter, the fabric insulation will trap heat in the room and prevent it from escaping through the window.

Be sure you select drapery that is decorative as well as functional. Get custom drapes if you can't find exactly what you want in stores. They can add color to a room or accent a preexisting color scheme in the room for a visually pleasing view inside and out (the window will also look good to passersby).

Paint an Accent Wall

Another way to improve the appearance of your home interior is by adding color to its walls. White walls are okay, but adding color to the wall can brighten up a room, add warmth, or help you relax. By painting just one wall in a room, you can add a pop of color without having to paint the entire room with it.

Each color has its own effect on a person's mood, so be sure you select a color wisely. For example, the color red creates energy and excites your brain, while orange and brown are both colors which denote warmth and comfort. Blue and green are known as cool and calming colors that can help you relax after a long stressful day; blue is also helpful to help improve your concentration. And yellow is a cheerful color that represents hope and optimism.