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Infuse Your Home's Design With Creativity!

I've often found myself watching home shows on television and liking the interior design, only to later come to the realization that I don't have a budget in the hundreds of thousands. However, there are all kinds of cool decorating and interior design techniques that don't take much money. Rather, they take creativity. My wife and I have all kinds of fun decorations that didn't cost much, but that get a lot of attention from guests and that also compliment the space where they are. This blog is here to help you discover how to put your creativity to work in your home.

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Three Surprising Ways That Quality Drapes Can Improve Your Life

If you think of your curtains as ho-hum household additions, think again. Your curtains can do more for you than you can even imagine. Here are three surprising reasons why you should take a second look at your curtains and whether or not they need replacing.

Drapes Keep You Both Cooler and Warmer

Summertime temperatures can wreak havoc on your electric bill. For many families, the central air conditioning unit is the most costly home appliance, costing the average household about $60 a month to operate! If you live in a region that regularly experiences triple-digit summer temperatures, you probably know all too well how much your electric bill spikes along with the temperature spikes. 

You can significantly reduce your summer electric bill by replacing your curtains with thermal drapes. Look for curtains that are "thermal," "blackout," or "insulating." These curtains will keep your home's internal temperature cooler, which translates into less work for your air conditioning unit and a lower electric bill.

To save money year round, you need not switch out your summer curtains when the cooler winter months arrive. The same curtains that insulate your home in the summertime will also help your home retain warmth in cold. As a result, your winter electric bill will also be lower, as your thermal curtains will reduce the workload that your heating system must undertake.

Quality Drapes Can Keep You Safe

High-quality window coverings will not only save you noticeable dollars and cents by reducing your electric bill, but also reduce your risk of becoming a crime victim. In 2012 alone, 2.1 million Americans reported home burglaries, resulting in $4.7 billion in lost property. 

Window curtains, though seemingly humble, are actually powerful deterrents against home break-ins. For the would-be criminal, breaking into a home without knowledge of its contents can be hit or miss; however, if you have window decorations that allow outsiders a peek into your home, you are advertising your valuables to the world. If you do not have full-window curtain coverage, a potential thief already knows what there is to gain before even stepping foot into your home.

Furthermore, curtains are not just for houses. If you have windows in your garage or shed, install curtains there, too. 

Drapes Can Help You Sell Your Home

If your home is on the market, there are sneaky things that you can do to increase your chances of selling it, or even get more money for it. If you "stage" your home, you are essentially helping the buyer imagine how great life would be in your home. Staging strategies include removing family photos, de-cluttering, cleaning, and -- you guessed it -- hanging up quality curtains.

Look at your house from your potential buyers' perspective. Dingy, old, outdated curtains do not portray the image that you want your potential buyers to see. By investing in modern, new curtains from a retailer like Shady Lady, you just might sell your house faster than you would otherwise.